Instructions for use Erogen X

Erogen X – usage instructions

erogen X instructions for use

How to use gel for the penis to stimulate cell growth with the maximum benefit? How to achieve the best effect to achieve the penis growth in length with a diameter of 5 cm and 2 cm? Instruction in the following site is definitely a need to apply the gel, the paper can be found in the statement with the packaging of a product.

Rub a thin layer of the gel twice a day for more penis and massage until is completely absorbed and clean movements. Apply for the next 3 months the growth of the cell structures, the length and girth of the penis. Immediately before gel that you can use for sexual intercourse and improve erections more vivid the experience of a feeling process.


  • Specialists, urologists, we recommend that you use Romania Erogen X in the following cases:
  • Discontent with the size of his penis.
  • Feelings of insecurity, irritability, have sexual intercourse relationship.
  • Slimming erectile function, insufficient hardness of an erection of the penis.
  • The feeling of incompleteness during sexual intercourse.


The reason for the side effects of the penis enlargement gel, however, make sure before you apply, or a tool that creates allergies. Apply the gel to the skin a few millimeters wrist and wait about 30 minutes. Irritated in case it is not recommended to use the tool.