The best gels for penis enlargement

Short penis length is a cause of concern for men

Men are concerned about 2 problems: low potency and small penis length. The erection is lifted from the knees of the pill, and the size is modernized in various ways.

Penis enlargement is achieved with pills, injections, exercises. Men use simulators, wear tissue stretching devices. Some choose the surgical route. Gels are a safe alternative to the scalpel. They safely lengthen the penis by 2-5 centimeters.

How penis products work

It is based on ancient recipes supplemented by modern research and technology. These are means for purposeful action that do not affect other organs and systems.It gels powerfullyactivate local circulation. The natural ingredients increase blood supply to the penis, strengthen blood vessels, prevent adhesions and death of small vessels.

The action is based on one principle: the internal structures of the penis increase with a strong blood flow. Powerful blood circulation straightens the corpora cavernosa, improves size.

Strong blood flow improves the condition of the vessels that feed the penis. Capillaries are strengthened, the cavities of the cavernous bodies are quickly restored.Long-term use improves erection.The penis grows in length, girth, becomes sensitive.

The maximum increase is achieved thanks to the small capillaries. After 28 years, they are spasmodic, do not work, are not included in the blood supply of the penis.

Therapeutic effects:

  • restoration of testosterone synthesis. Male androgen is necessary for the full functioning of penile tissues. The deficit slows down the enlargement of the penis even against the background of stretching. The gel restores the hormonal balance, improves progress, the quality of sexual life;
  • increasing the elasticity of smooth muscle cells, skin. The active substances are absorbed into the deep structures of the penis. Increase the concentration of collagen-elastin fibers. This is the basis of an irreversible increase in length.

Topical medications are a safe method of penis enlargement. There is noserious side effects.There are no risks of wearing extenders, vacuum pumps, complications from operations.

The best gels according to men's reviews

Topical products are popular and have built an evidence-based environment among men.

Proven means:

  • Milk thistle gel is a leader in the content of natural substances that have a powerful effect on the penis. Does not cause allergies. For 2 weeks of regular use, the length increases by 2-3 cm. The increase in girth is up to 40%. Physiologically, it increases the sensitivity of the head, strengthens the erection, prolongs the intercourse.
  • Immunostimulator with local action based on arginine and kelsan improves local blood flow, elasticity of vascular walls. The composition is unique, passed clinical studies. Increases the penis to 6 centimeters in length and 1. 5 centimeters in circumference. It prolongs coitus, increases tone, reduces the risk of prostatitis. No allergic reactions.
  • Ginger root gel is a natural, effective formula available at a low cost. No side effects. Allergies rarely occur. The gel is rubbed into the penis 1-2 times a day. The course is 30 days.
  • Means based on musk from musk and bear bile - twice a day, the gel is rubbed into clean, dry skin. The natural components prolong the erection, make the penis elastic, the head sensitive.
  • Horse chestnut gel is a fast-acting pharmaceutical preparation. Repeatedly increases sensitivity, prolongs sexual intercourse. Helps allergy sufferers. After the end of the course, it is possible to return to the previous sizes.
  • The gel, which is based on an extract of ironwood, increases the sensitivity, the time of intercourse, increases the erection 3 times. The penis is lengthened by 1-3 cm, the increase in girth is 30%. The composition includes provitamin B5, L-carnitine, caffeine, biotin, liquid silicone.
  • Hormonal gel based on dihydrotestosterone - the drug is prescribed by a doctor. It treats the deterioration of potency due to hormonal collapse. Do not use in prostate diseases, sensitivity to components. It causes allergies, side effects up to temporary infertility.
  • Novelty on the market of gels for penis enlargement. The gel contains king cobra penis, Peruvian maca extract and snake oil. It has already established itself as an effective means of protection, without side effects. Nuper practitioners give positive feedback and share the opinion that the gel can take first place in its class within six months.


The ingredients are mostly natural. The gels are tested and safe. An exception is hormonal gel prescribed by a doctor. Its use without the permission of an andrologist is prohibited.

Topical preparations increase the size of the penis without pills, expensive surgeries.There is no instant result. To see progress, you need a cumulative effect.One should take a continuous course.

Growth dynamics depend on individual characteristics.Men often try on several items and choose the right product. If the gel is chosen correctly, the effect will occur after 2 weeks of regular use.

Penis enlargement gels are suitable for oral sex without risk to the partner.

Herbal ingredients for penis enlargement gels


  • thorn- active synthesis of own testosterone;
  • lichen extract- maximum blood flow;
  • maca peruvian- aphrodisiac;
  • Goryanka- restores erectile function, increases endurance, sexual desire;
  • Rhodiola rosea extract("golden root") - improves testosterone, blood circulation, blood vessels;
  • ginger– tissue elasticity, basis for stretching the caverns of the penis;
  • arginine- active synthesis of growth hormone - somatotropin;
  • Kelzan- blood flow, elasticity of spongy bodies;
  • Ginseng– vasodilation, high sperm quality;
  • muira puama- complex impact on the genital area;
  • Ginkgo biloba- vascular tonic.


Means for penis enlargement are rubbed in regularly, strictly according to the instructions. A summary is attached to the preparation. The gels are applied to clean, dry skin, lightly massaged. To improve the penetration of the active components, pre-heating is carried out. A warm napkin is applied to the body, lower abdomen, scrotum. The compress is kept for 10 minutes. The expanded pores will absorb the entire volume of the gel and deliver it to the deep layers of the penis.

When distributing the cream, the head is treated abundantly. The trunk is brought to maximum erection. After the massage, start intercourse. If there is no such task, you can start performing manual exercises for improved modernization of the penis.

The gel is applied 1-2 times a day after hygienic procedures and drainage of the penis. Moisture will prevent the penetration of the active formula. The course is from two weeks to a month.

Maximum effect

Best progress is achieved by combining gel and stretching massage traction. It is useful to perform manual exercises. Over time, a delicate stretching of the tissues will occur, the smallest blood vessels will begin to work.


  • the genital area is heated with a heating pad;
  • achieve an erection of 45-60% by lightly rubbing the gel;
  • as close as possible to the pubis, at the very root, they put an OK-grip (link of the thumb, forefinger);
  • control pressure, pressure, lead the hand to the head. Discomfort, pain should not be;
  • approaching the foreskin, the movement is duplicated with the second hand;
  • repeat 30-45 pull-ups.

The exercise completes the massage. If necessary, add another portion of gel.

The price of gels for penis enlargement depends on the composition and manufacturer


The price depends on the composition, the country of origin. Pricestarts at $16. 5. Promotions are held on manufacturer websites. On some days, the product is bought at a good discount.

Hormonal drugs are more expensive - from $ 50 per tube. Gel with dihydrotestosterone is ordered in Bulgaria, France.

Where to buy and how to order

Penis enlargement gel is bought in sex shops. The second option is to order on the Internet, for this they find the website of the manufacturer or the official supplier.Hormonal preparations are bought at the pharmacy with a doctor's prescription.

How to place an order with the manufacturer:

  • filling out a form on the site;
  • choice of delivery method;
  • receipt and payment.

There are many scammers on the web. To avoid overpaying, receiving fakes, gelsorder through trusted sites.

How many centimeters to really increase

The result of penis enlargement using gels reaches 5 cm

Do penis enlargement gels help?The effectiveness of local funds is debatable.There are ratings for zero action dynamics. Negative reviews are left by men who chose the wrong medicine. The second reason for failures is intermittent use, stopping regular rubbing during the course.

Men who have followed the instructions are happy with the increase. Some supplement the result with special exercises and note the maximum positive effect.Cock Stretching Techniques Found On The Internet.

Manufacturers promise an increase in size up to 5 cm in length. Reviews of men confirm that this is real. After course application, 99% have a stable, irreversible result.

Contraindications and side effects

Before use, it is recommended to study the composition, check it for allergens.I spendpreliminary test: a drop of gel is applied to the bend of the elbow. Red skin, itching, burning - a reason to choose another product.

A slight burning sensation after penis enlargement products is normal.

Numbness, tingling (tingle - effect) appear under the action of active substances and prove effectiveness. They should be distinguished from severe burning, itching, redness, rashes and other signs of allergy. In this case, the gel is immediately washed off, an antihistamine is taken.An allergic response is rare but not excluded.

The use of the drug before sexual intercourse requires checking the sensitivity of the partner (if he is allergic). Strict contraindications: visible damage to the penis, wounds, sores, sexually transmitted diseases.Gel with hormones is applied after consultation with an andrologist.

let's summarise

The high-quality gel for penis enlargement is natural, withoutside effects and contraindicationsexcept for individual intolerance. The action activates the blood flow, "revitalizes" the empty small vessels, stretches, increases the elasticity of the cavernous and spongy bodies.

Bonus effects:

  • strong potency;
  • prolonged sexual intercourse;
  • strong orgasm;
  • prevention of traffic jams;
  • genitourinary health.

The gel is a safe, effective means of increasing size, potency.Before use, carefully study the composition, familiarize yourself with the reviews.